Beech Tenon 8mm / 10mm Starter Systainer

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The ultimate accessory for your Festool Domino, a Systainer to sort and keep Domino tenons together with easy access to them when working. The wide range allows you to determine the best cutter and domino for every job. The Domino Tenons have a flat, elongated design that will not rotate ensuring perfect alignment for both edge and face gluing.

1 x 10mm Domino Cutter
1 x 8mm Domino Cutter
38 x 8mm x 80mm domino tenons
36 x 8mm x 100mm domino tenons
49 x 8mm x 50mm domino tenons
82 x 10mm x 50mm domino tenons
53 x 10mm x 100mm domino tenons
52 x 10m x 80mm domino tenons
1 x SYS 2 T-loc Systainer