KS 60 KAPEX 216mm Slide Compound Mitre #

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The compact and lightweight design makes the KS 60 ideal for mobile use. Ideal for cutting boards and panels up to 305 mm x 60 mm, square timber up to 60mm thick or skirting boards and cornices to precise angles. Utilise the smart bevel to minimise cutting mistakes and material costs by transferring error free angles to your workpiece, whilst the LED spotlight gives you an optimum view of the scribe mark. Extremely compact with flush mounted guide rods and a light weight of 17.80 kg. It makes no compromises in terms of precision and versatility of use. A mitre angle up to 60 degrees on both sides and a bevel angle of up to 46 or 47 degrees on both sides. Ergonomically positioned grips, cord holder and immobilising devices for transport make the KS 60 both convenient and perfect for use on worksites, ideal for trades on the go.


1 x KS 60 Sliding compound mitre saw
1 x FSZ 120 Clamp
1 x Universal Saw Blade HW W36
1 x Smart Bevel
1 x Adaptor Feet
1 x Led Spotlight
1 x Tool Manual